Are you in Balance? Part 1…

Welcome to our two part series on Balance. 

Being balanced can refer to both a physical need and also an emotional, mental or spiritual need.  For part 1 of our series, we will focus on the physical portion.  Do you or someone you know have issues with balance or stability?  Are you afraid of falling, or maybe shuffle your feet when you walk, catch your toe on objects or generally feel clumsy in a busy environment?  Do you need to hold on to something to feel steady when you are out in public?

Physical balance is the body’s superpower that helps us stay steady and coordinated when we move around. It’s all about keeping our body in control, whether we’re standing still or on the go. Imagine trying to walk a tightrope without balance—it would be pretty tricky! That’s why having good balance is so important for everyday tasks like walking, running, or even just bending down to pick something up. It’s our body’s way of staying safe and efficient.

Having good balance isn’t just about not falling over—it’s also about keeping our muscles and joints working smoothly. When we have strong balance, it helps us stand up straight, move better, and avoid hurting ourselves. Plus, it’s not just about our body—it’s also good for our brains! Balancing exercises help our brains stay sharp and focused, which can improve how quickly we react to things and how well we understand where we are in space. So, by working on our balance, we’re not only keeping our body healthy but also giving our brain a workout too!

As we get older, our sense of body awareness, or proprioception, can start to decline. This happens because our nerves and muscles might not work as well as they used to, making it harder for our brain to keep track of where our body is in space. This can lead to issues with balance and coordination, making us more prone to falls and injuries. Additionally, changes in vision and hearing can further affect our body awareness, as we rely on these senses to help us stay balanced and coordinated. As a result, it becomes increasingly important to engage in activities that challenge and improve our proprioception as we age, such as balance exercises and regular physical activity, to help maintain our mobility and independence for as long as possible.

What are some ways to help?

Aquatic exercises can be a fantastic way to improve balance and body awareness for all ages, and especially for older adults. Water provides a supportive environment that reduces the risk of falls and injuries while allowing for a wide range of movements. Activities like swimming, water aerobics, or simply walking in waterchallenge the body’s balance systems in a gentle yet effective way. The resistance of the water also helps strengthen muscles and improve overall fitness without putting excessive strain on joints. Plus, being in the water can boost confidence and relaxation, and increase your circulation, making it an enjoyable way to stay active, be sharper in thinking and maintain mobility as we age.

R3 Wellness offers a warm water variable depth underwater treadmill chamber to assist in balance and mobility needs.  You can sit, stand, walk or run in our HydroWorx EVO, using speeds of 0.2-6 mph or our resistance jet.  Did you know that simply being submerged in chest high water increases your circulation by 60%, yielding better awareness of your body AND sharper cognition.

Another option for to enhance proprioception can be wearing stochastic resonance vibration devices, in a vibrating ankle or wrist band. These devices provide sensory feedback through gentle vibrations, which can help improve body awareness and balance by activating receptors in the joints and muscles. By wearing randomized vibration devices during activities or exercises, individuals can heighten their proprioceptive sense, leading to better movement control and coordination. Stochastic Resonance (SR) technology has shown promise in various fields, including sports performance, rehabilitation, and fall prevention programs, offering a non-invasive and convenient way to support proprioceptive training and overall physical well-being.

R3 Wellness offers appointments to try this cutting edge technology by Accelera in a free evaluation session while visiting our location.  If you find this is beneficial for your ongoing use we can assist you in purchasing your own devices for home. 

Want to figure out a plan for your physical balance needs? Call R3 Wellness today to schedule a session to see how we can help improve your Balance with our state of the art proven technologies at affordable prices.  Custom packages available to suit your individual needs!

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