What should I wear?

Be comfortable.  Depending on the service you choose, we can advise you on clothing.  In the underwater treadmill many wear a T-shirt or shorts/leggings – bathing suits not required.  We do ask that you wear dry fit materials where possible to limit fibers in our equipment. 

Want to try the HydroMassage lounge?  Wear clothes that are comfortable and shoes that are easy to slip on and off.  In appointments with our massage therapist, discuss with her in private your level of comfort with clothing removed and draping.

Are walk-ins allowed or are all services by appointment only?

Walk in and shop for gems, crystals, jewelry and more any day that we are open.  While we prefer appointments for services, we are happy to accommodate walk-ins when equipment and staff are available.


What common crystals, rocks or metaphysical supplies can I expect to find when I visit?
While selection varies, we strive to keep a wide variety of items you may need in your healing journey.  Some examples: raw and tumbled stones, crystals in varied shapes and sizes including some set in jewelry, aromatherapy/essential oils, candles and other spiritual products.  Check out our Services and Products page for a gallery of photos of our products.
What if I have some physical aliment, disability or allergy?

Discuss your situation with us and we’ll suggest accommodation.  Sometimes this may mean we don’t recommend a service for you at this time.

How should I handle gratuity?

We hope you will love your services with our staff.  If you would like to reward them for their great job helping you, please do so with cash or credit/debit cards when paying after your session.  We accept cash and all major cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay for all products and services.

Do you carry any local products?

We like to support local where possible.  On a given visit you may find things like handmade candles from the Carolinas with healing scents or stones/rocks, wood, and other products made or collected in the North Carolina mountains, in addition to crystals only found in certain mines around the world. 

Will you special order crystals, rocks or other spiritual supplies for me?

We have connections around the world and visit many suppliers around the US.  We are happy to use that network to try to find what you need.

What is your cancellation policy?

We respectfully request 24hours advance notice to cancel an appointment in order to give us time to offer your slot to others waiting for services.  We do understand emergencies happen and will work with you on a case by case basis when those come up.

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